The Luxuries of a Handmade Mattress

Posted by Melissa Mott on May 27, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Just about everyone prefers quality over quantity. So what if I told you that you can buy a mattress that’s not only handmade in America, but New Jersey for that matter? I guarantee you will never sleep on anything better.

At Kensington, we only want to give you the best quality of furniture and mattresses that can be sold. We are also proud of our roots here in New Jersey. By combining quality craftsmanship with local businesses, the result is something we are proud of selling: Stearns & Foster mattresses handmade one-by-one in Paterson, New Jersey.

Although the term “handmade mattresses” should signify superior quality just at that, it doesn’t stop there. MattressStearns & Foster mattresses are made with only the finest silk, cotton, cashmere, and wool materials. Once completed, the craftsmen also hand-sign each mattress they produce which makes every single product truly unique. Many would think the process of creating a mattress is completed at this point, but not for Stearns & Foster. Each mattress is then carefully examined after completion to ensure the utmost perfection. Only once perfection is achieved and approved is the product then shipped to Kensington.

With other mattresses, this much attention to detail is never even considered. When you have the comfort of knowing that your mattress took double the amount of time to make as traditional mattresses, you can finally sleep well at night (especially with the finest materials embedded into your mattress). You’ll wake up every morning feeling like royalty because one person paid so much attention to how well your bed was being made and did not stop trying until it was perfect.

After now being aware of mattresses made with such meticulousness and care, how could you even choose to sleep on something other than Stearns & Foster? Disregarding quality, precision, and uniqueness leaves you with nothing other than a less-than-satisfying night’s sleep.

mattress2In the effort to get you to just try a Stearns & Foster mattress, Kensington is offering to buy back your old mattress and give you 5 years interest-free on your new purchase! You finally have nothing left to lose except for your old, less-than-average mattress.

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