Make Your Bedroom a Luxurious Retreat!

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jan 29, 2016 9:15:00 AM

While there are certain perks to getting away for a little while, sometimes it just isn't realistic this time of year. Whether it's because you're strapped for cash right after the holidays or just can't break away from the office, I understand. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to take a vacation with your significant other, why not just turn your own bedroom into a luxury retreat?

Skip the romantic getaway for Valentine's Day this year—make your bedroom a luxurious retreat! Here's how:


Get Something New

Vaughan Bassett French Market Upholstered Bed Kensington Furniture

When did you get your last bedroom set? Probably so long ago that you don't even remember when it was. Let's face it—it's outdated, overrated, and you need something fresh and new to make your bedroom lively again. Sets with upholstered headboards automatically make the room feel more luxurious and romantic. It's a sure-fire way to impress anyone!

Make Sure You'll Be Comfy

Ashley Furniture Braided Geometric Pillow Kensington Furniture

If you're going to be having a nice little stay-cation for a few days, you better make sure you'll be comfortable! And pillows are the easiest way to do that. Not only will they make your luxurious retreat more appealing to the eye, they'll even act as the perfect headrest for you while you're relaxing all day.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood is an incredibly important aspect of creating a luxurious bedroom retreat. But there are two different kinds of lighting in which you can create that romantic mood:

With Lighting

Ashley Furniture Jovani Metal Pendant Kensington Furniture


When you think of romantic bedroom lighting fixtures, that doesn't just mean extravagant crystal chandeliers. There are countless amounts of different styles of pendants that will still give you the same feeling. My favorites are the ones that have a chandelier style inside of a completely different style of shade.


With Scent

Blackberry Absinthe Illume Candles Kensington Furniture

There's nothing more romantic than dimmed lights and a burning candle! Not only will the flickering glow create a beautiful reflection on you and your loved one, but it will also release the most beautiful aroma. Burning the scent of Jasmine, which is featured in Illume's Blackberry Absinthe scented candles, is actually associated with sensualness which will make just about anyone feel a little more in love for the night.


Find more ways to turn any room into a romantic, luxurious retreat by clicking the link below and checking out our Valentine's Day Pinterest board!


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