Miley Cyrus and Sofas: 10 Surprising Things They Have in Common

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 31, 2014 11:18:00 AM
Whether you are in South Jersey or South Texas, turn on the radio and I can guarantee that you will soon hear a song played by popular pop music artist, Miley Cyrus.

But how are Miley and Sofas in common? Originally, I thought they were nothing alike. After thinking about it, I found 10 different things they had in common.
Here’s How: 
1. They came in like a “wrecking ball”:
Yes, that’s right. I am talking about your children. They come home from a long day at school, throw their backpacks on the floor and jump on the couch. Ready for their mid-day snack and cartoons, they are still leaping up and down on your new sofa. Durability is KEY. Look for a sofa with a strong frame and choose a durable fabric!

2. It’s a Party in the USA:
Just like Miley, many of our customers enjoy a good party! Maybe not in the same way, but entertaining in your home is just as fun! A sectional or large sofa is perfect for having friends over. Having a Super Bowl party? Have ALL your friends over on your new sectional sofa!
3. We Can’t Stop:
Miley “Can’t Stop,” and neither can we! Customizing – we mean! Our design consultants won’t stop helping the customer until they are 110% satisfied. You can customize a sofas frame, color, fabric and much, much more!
4. Hannah Montana:
A large, comfy sofa is perfect for your children to watch television on. HOWEVER – we suggest you make sure your children are watching Miley’s old stuff… like Hannah Montana for example!
5. Texting Friends:
Bored at home? Text your friends on your new sofa, just like in Miley’s “LOL” movie.  If you add a chaise lounge onto your sectional sofa, you can prop up your arm which allows you to sit in a prime position for texting like crazy.
6. Liam Hemsworth:
Ut Oh – trouble in paradise. Cuddle up on your sofa, watch a sad love movie, eat as much chocolate and ice cream as you can and cry it out. Your new sofa will provide comfort in times of need.
7. The Last Song:
Once you get a new boyfriend, watch The Last Song featuring Miley on your sofa! Invite some friends over to celebrate your new fling. 
8. Twerking:
Although sofas can’t “twerk,” you will certainly be tired after going to the dance and twerking all night! Relax on your sofa after a long night of twerking.  
9. I'm Bored:

Need a change of pace? Just like how Miley gets tired of her hair style, we get tired of the way our sofa looks. Switch it up with a sofa cover. Maybe you want one for every mood!?
10. Bangerz: 
Just like Miley's current tour, we want our customers to go out with a BANG! We want them to be satisfied with their new piece of furniture, the customer service they received and the overall experience at Kensington Furniture! 

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