Mix and Match Your Way to Great Style!

Posted by Carolyn Wood on Oct 30, 2014 8:41:00 AM

If you look around your bedroom and your bed, nightstands, dresser, and mirror all match perfectly you may be a victim of the dreaded matchy matchy look.  Today's style is a perfectly designed mix of complementing pieces that, while looking totally in sync with each other, don't necessarily match.  While it may take a little more effort, it's much easier than you may think if you keep the following advice in mind.  Another misconception is that you will have to start completely over with all of your furniture, which couldn't be further from the truth.  We'll show you how to mix many of your existing pieces of furniture into your new design that will look great, and save you money.

Overly matching bedrooms seem to be the biggest offender.  Bedroom furniture is almost always sold in "sets," so it's easy to fall into this design disaster.  If you already have an entire set, there are a few easy switches you can make to update your look.  Switch out your dresser mirror, with a round metallic hanging one.  Metallics mix well with any furniture and bring a more modern look to any style decor.  If you have a slightly bigger budget to work with, you may want to think about replacing your bed with a fully upholstered one.  Fabric will mix well with any wood furniture and soften your look.  Another way to add a bit of an eclectic feel is to switch out one nightstand with a different one.  Try to mix in another wood finish, or a different medium altogether, such as metal or stone.  Both Skyline Furniture and Klaussner offer upholstered beds in a variety of fabric options.  Uttermost and Imax have a wide selection of mirrors.b676-upholsteredroomdressermirror



Dining rooms are another area that often falls victim to matching just a little too perfectly.  Again, no need to start completely over.  If your dining table is in great condition, think about changing out the chairs.  Upholstered chairs work great with any wood finish.  If your not a fan of fabric, you can opt for wood chairs in a much darker finish than your table.  This updates your look and still gives you a mix and match look that you created yourself.  Coast to Coast accents is part of our mix and match dining room program.upholsterddining

If you have a buffet with hutch, simply removing the hutch and hanging a great piece of artwork and or an eye-catching mirror is a simple update.  If your budget allows you may want to replace the entire hutch and buffet with a new credenza to add a pop of color!



Look around!  Do you have a sofa, matching love seat and chair?  You have a bad case of the design doldrums.  Not to worry, we have you covered with plenty of great ideas.  If all your upholstery matches, chances are your cocktail table and end tables are a matching set as well.  Replacing the two end tables with two non-matching side tables can be an economical and easy fix.  Switching out the matching chair with a fun patterned or leather one can add some excitement as well.Eclectic-Design-Ideas-Living-Room


Hopefully, with all these great tips, you'll have the confidence to mix and match more eclectic pieces into your existing decor.  It's a great way to express who you are and show off your great style!  Tell us how you've switched out the old and brought in the new, while mixing and matching your look!

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