Perfectly Imperfect

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Oct 7, 2013 12:53:00 PM
We all know no one is perfect, so why do we strive to be? Our looks, our clothes, our jobs, our homes…... Do you dream of having a perfect house that everyone admires? Do you wish to have that perfect bedroom oasis or a perfectly decorated living room, but you can’t seem to fit your pieces together to make your perfect room happen?

How about having a room that is perfectly imperfect? You should be okay with the fact that not everything has to match. A dresser from your grandmother might just look awesome with your new upholstered headboard. You can use both old and new décor together to create a hand-me-down eclectic look. You can add pops of color in unexpected places to cheer up a space. This help could come from either a purple desk chair or a pink ceramic elephant head on the wall. Having a perfectly matching room can be off-setting and feel strange, just like something out of a movie. A great example of perfectly imperfect is rustic-chic. It may stir up a sense of the glitz and glam of an old farm house: a farm with reclaimed wood, luxurious linens, pops of color and a classic organic vibe. It should be about finding what best fits your style.

I love modern and vintage, colors and neutrals; there is no need to pick just one! You don’t have to match the sheets to the drapes, or buy a typical bedroom set so that everything can match. Try buying a headboard here and a dresser there, and then tie it together with various colors and

Try hitting up the local furniture stores to see how they place items together. Use their stylist to inspire your next home design. These people will inspire your with the foundations for rooms, the backbone for the pieces to your next great design. Then you can hit up the local vintage shop to find accent pieces that will add some flair to your space.  By adding an assortment of accessories you could really can bring everything together.  You could find an old chandelier at a flea market and hang it over your bed.  You could reupholster a Queen Anne sofa in a funky fabric, then cover it with a variety of down pillows.  You could buy a modern table and 6 mix and match chairs. By simply adding charm, you can create a perfectly imperfect room. It is okay to be different, so why feel the need to make your home cookie cutter? Create a room that emulates your individuality, a room that is perfectly imperfect!

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