3 ways to Design a Room with TKO

Posted by Max Grossman on Jun 4, 2014 2:00:00 PM

All of us have different needs and desires when it comes to designing a room. Some of us search for unique pieces to finish a living room, others want to find a dinette or stools for a dining room or kitchen, and plenty of us wish to find a bedroom set to go along with a new mattress.

Yet, these hurdles are not insurmountable. Thanks to The Kensington Outlet, there are 3 easy ways to complete a room with pieces you’ll surely love, and that won't break the bank. 


1) Mix and Match

Mixing and matching different pieces of furniture is a great way to design a room. A good tip before embarking on your mix-match journey is to have in mind the color scheme of your room.  Our mission (as seen below) was to find a sofa and chairs with a splash or red.  Finding pieces that work together can be easy and fun!



2) Plug-in the Pieces


Sometimes a room, perhaps a dining room, may only need a center piece, or a few chairs. Thankfully, the Kensington Outlet has an array of chairs and dinette sets to choose from!



Chairs in the Kensington Outlet 1

Chairs in the Kensington Outlet 2

Chairs in the Kensington Outlet 3

Table in the Kensington Outlet 1

Table in the Kensington Outlet 2

3) Take the Cake

The Final, and possibly the easiest way to use the Kensington Outlet to complete a room, is by finding a complete set, which the outlet has plenty of…

The Kensington Outlet has complete dining sets...Dinette Set Kensington Furniture 1

Dinnete Set Kensington Furniture 2

...and Bedding Sets.

Bed Set Kensington Outlet


The bottom line is that no matter what you may need to complete a room, The Kensington Outlet can help make it happen.


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