Planning and Preperation are the Keys to Success

Posted by michael grossman on Jan 16, 2015 12:30:00 PM
Be it from a mentor, parent, coach, or teacher at some point we've heard this cliche. Fact is it's true. It's a truth that when we plan, when we prepare, when we work our dreams have a far better chance of happening. 
  Call us odd but we dream of furniture, sofas, sectionals, a comfy room, the stuff that makes us feel good whenever we enter a space. Obviously, 1st and foremost, the warm and fuzzy. Fact is that the people who fill a room are most important. That's an area we're not qualified to help in. Where we come in is furniture, and to emphasize that you stop before you ever buy your next piece of furniture and plan and prepare. Check out our videos below, our blogs, or our Facebook page. We have tons of  ideas mined from the experience  of our awesome design consultants. Kensington is here to  help you plan and prepare the execution of the right room for how you live.
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