Podding in Style

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Dec 10, 2013 2:19:00 PM
‘Tis the season of gift giving! Whether you are gifting others or yourself, Kensington has beautiful accessories to share. Our store stylist, Carolyn, creates pods around the store with one of a kind accents. Pods are collections of different pieces of furniture, accents and accessories displayed together to create a mini store within our store.  Carolyn has designed each pod to have a different feel. We have bright and fun pods to reclaimed and organic feeling pods. Our newest pod is our gift pod. It is filled with candle holders, vases, wine racks and more. It has pillows and throws and knick knacks too. 
Accessory pods have become a staple in Kensington’s showroom. There are accents for everyone’s taste and budget. For the holidays approaching, Carolyn created this pod with a little splash of glitz and glam, like jewelry for your home. From chairs with nail heads to mosaic mirrored gift boxes. Coat racks and wine racks are perfect gifts for yourself if you are hosting the party this year! Two and three tiered serving trays are a great way to bring dessert to the party in style. The pods are about combining textures and materials that fall into the same category such as this soft throw with the vintage vanity chair.

With the holidays quickly approaching, how do you incorporate your accents into pods within your home? With accessory pods becoming increasingly more popular especially in the entrance of homes, it could be the perfect welcoming to your guests. Pods don’t necessarily have to be super fancy either. A simple, well decorated pod could brighten up your living space. Kensington Furniture has a wide array of accents and accessories you could use to lighten up your pod! Our pods are ever changing with new accessories all the time. Each shopping experience is unique and you never know what you will find at Kensington Furniture! 

Topics: Furniture Design