Print is in!

Posted by Will Schneller on Oct 21, 2014 9:24:40 AM

Print is in!

5 tips for using print to spruce up your walls

Tired of looking at dusty family photos?  Give your walls an update with some contemporary typography art to add interest and variety


1) Less is more.  Negative space draws in the eye and causes the you to focus.  Simple messages can have a huge impact.

2) The art of the love letter.  Why not remind that special someone how you feel every day?  Finding the right message can spark that warm fuzzy feeling every time they walk into the room.

3) The power of positivity.  Gone is the day of the motivational poster.  Incorporate a positive message into your decorating to give yourself an emotional kick start every day.


4) Finding your message.  Nothing is more customizable than the written word.  Tailor your message to your personal interest