Real-Life Spill Stories: Could Sunbrella Have Saved It?

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 24, 2015 10:04:00 AM

As much as you may believe you would never get a white couch because of your messy kids, you’re secretly blaming them in advance for messes that you may make. Turns out that about 85% of spills on household furniture are actually adult-related incidents. So, yeah. Turns out that your 5 year old is more capable of cleanly eating a cup of Jell-O on the couch than you are drinking a glass of wine.

Here are some adult-related spills as told by commenters on Houzz’s blog post that either they or someone else they know did. Could the durable and stain-resistant Sunbrella fabric have saved their furniture if they had it?

"What You Can't See Won't Hurt" by Kathy K:

                Incident: Red wine on the sofa. After cleaning, some did not come out, but luckily our sofa has a burgundy-colored pattern, so you can't tell. Since we drink so much red wine, I'm thinking all my furniture should be that color. 4743804508_ced74dacc8

Could Sunbrella Have Saved It? YES! Sunbrella fabric is completely resistant to the dreaded red wine spills. All it takes is a little bleach. Did I mention that Sunbrella is so durable that even harsh chemicals like bleach won’t ruin it? Instead of getting all of your furniture to match the colors of your probable stains, get a sofa in the color you want and you’ll never have to worry about accidental spills.


"The Story Behind the Stain (It's Pretty Juicy)" by Lynne Mysliwiec:

                Incident: My Mom had a Queen-Anne style desk chair with seat upholstered in gold velvet…I brought home a Tupperware container still full of pear juice (I ate the pears) in my brown paper lunch sack and left it on the chair. Unfortunately, the top was not on the container properly and a pear-shaped leak of pear juice ruined the upholstery. That stain was thrown back into my face for decades until my Dad finally had the thing recovered.

                Could Sunbrella Have Saved It? Is that even a question? Compared to most things, juice stains are the easiest to take care of when you have a chair covered in Sunbrella fabric. Rub a warm cloth with water on it and it should come right out.


"Not a Fan of Splatter Patterns" by Val525:

                Incident: Had an overnight stay [in a hotel room that was]...was newly refurbished...As I was taking a shower, I became aware my husband was skittering around the bathroom, gathering up towels. Turns out he ha[d] been putting together the chocolate protein mix he had every morning. Looked for water to put in the shaker bottle and grabbed the Perrier ... Shake, shake, shake EXPLOSION! EVERYwhere!! On the ceiling, dripping down the walls, on the previously pristine white bedding, sheers and curtains, not to mention the white couch. Cut to the chase - got charged $800 for the cleanup. Did I mention the clothes I had laid out that got caught in the splatter pattern?

                Could Sunbrella Have Saved It? Yep! Well, the couch at least. Chocolate is no match for Sunbrella’s fabric…even white! With just a little bit of water, the chocolatey mix would come right out.


"At Least the Couch is Clean Now" by WhatKnot:

                Incident: I once spilled a puddle of red nail polish on a white leather loveseat. Nail polish remover took it all off. With the clean spot, I had to finish cleaning the entire loveseat with said polish remover. nail-polish

Could Sunbrella Have Saved It? It definitely could have saved you from cleaning your entire couch to match the clean spot. A little bit of bleach on the affected area would have easily taken the red stain out without having to clean the rest of the couch, too.


Prevent the embarrassment of explaining a suspicious stain on your furniture from an accidental spill you made for the rest of your life. Get a couch in Sunbrella fabric and never worry about what you eat, drink, or do while sitting on your couch ever again.

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