Selecting Kids' Furniture for your Child's Bedroom

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 6, 2014 2:41:00 PM
"Kid, You'll Move Mountains" - Dr. Seuss
Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a both fun and adventurous task. You want to get something practical that you find appealing, but also something they enjoy. A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary. It is a place where they play with their toys, hang out with their friends, and where they are sent when they misbehave. Overall, a child spends a whole lot of their time in their bedroom! The most important and necessary aspect to a child’s bedroom is their bed.
Here are four key points to keep in mind while you are searching for the perfect bed for your child:
STORAGE: A child has tons of toys and small objects that you would never want lying all over your house when guests come over. Make sure there is enough storage in your child’s room for clothes, books and toys. Some sets include drawers or shelves within the unit to provide you with even more storage options. This is very important if you are working with a small room.
 Check out the Sierra Captain Bed with Desk by Berg. It provides an ample amount of storage but also a desk for your child to do homework on!
Rather than going with a bedroom set, choose a multipurpose item. For instance, choose a daybed like the Augusta Daybed by Hillsdale. Underneath the daybed is a trundle bed that is perfect for sleepovers. The daybed also functions as another seating option that your child can play on.

CONSTRUCTION: Quality counts when it comes to furniture, but more importantly children’s furniture. Your child and their friends will be playing, sleeping, eating and maybe even climbing all over the furniture in their room. For those reasons, a strong and sturdy piece is necessary. 
The Complete Twin Poster Bed with Storage by Ashley Furniture and the Sierra Loft by Berg provide excellent strength and functionality for your child’s bedroom.
SPACE: A child’s bedroom normally is not one of the biggest rooms of the house. For this reason, when picking out children’s furniture you must think about which piece would be the best for effectively using the space of the room. Stay away from super bulky furniture. Choose a piece that will not fill up as much space.
Take this Trifecta Loft with Three beds by Berg for example. It is perfect for storage, displaying awards or pictures and sleepovers!


TRANSITION: A way to keep your child’s furniture versatile is by choosing a piece that can grow with your child as they grow. 

For instance, the Jacks Full Bed with Storage Unit by Universal! This bedroom set will be the perfect addition for your child to grow with. It is built for a child but looks very mature. This bed is appropriate for all ages. It will also save you time and money because you will not have to go and buy new bedroom furniture for your child once they mature. This furniture grows with your child which means they don’t have to give up their bed. Another benefit is that if your child decides they no longer like a piece once they grow up, you can re-purpose it for another room such as your guest bedroom. 

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