Simple Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do!

Posted by Carolyn Wood on Nov 7, 2014 8:58:00 AM
The turkey is in the oven, the pies have all been baked, your guests are set to arrive, when suddenly you realize your dining room table decor is less than spectacular.  With not much time left, you may think your old silk flowers and worn out table cloth are your only option, but it doesn't have to be.  Read on to discover some quick, easy, and best of all mostly free ideas to wow your holiday guests.
Most of us have a variety of clear glass vases and containers hanging around.  Whether it's simple florist vases, the crystal vase that was a gift from your wedding, or old fruit jars, the more you mix and match, the better.  Once you have your glass menagerie, set them together in the middle of the table and let the creativity begin!  You'll want to find unique things to fill each container with and the possibilities are endless!  Your own backyard can provide some great nature inspired items.  Things like acorns, branches and pine cones make great filler for your vases.  Food is another great option!  Fresh cranberries, chestnuts, apples and even candy can add a festive touch.  If you want to go a bit more formal and have some extra time fresh flowers mixed with these items add a touch of elegance.  You can always add a bit of sparkle by spray painting all your backyard finds silver or gold.
Candles are a centerpiece staple, but all too often they're boring and expected.  Try making votive holders out of unexpected things.  While these projects may take a bit more time, they are well worth it!  Try finding a unique log or get together a collection of mini pumpkins and gourds.  Both can easily be transformed into awesome candle holders that will set your table apart!  If you don't have the time, not to worry. Using a collection of different sized candles mixed with a few holiday touches is quick and easy!
Are you using the same boring white napkins again this year?  While white linens are classic, they're also a bit boring.  Dress them up with new candle rings that can add a bit of fun to your holiday spread!  A truly simple and fun idea for your guests  is to simply use kraft paper as napkin rings with fun holiday trivia.  If you have lots of great family photos, why not use them as napkin rings.  Simply print them out from your computer and attach them to the kraft paper. 
If your table is a bit unsightly, you'll probably want to use a tablecloth.  Not only can they be pricey, they often get stained from all the yummy food and drinks that come along with the holidays.  Try using butcher paper or kraft paper to delight your guests and your budget at the same time.  Have fun with this!  You can use it as a seating chart or draw holiday motifs to go with your decor!
Now your holiday table is ready for your fabulous food and family.  With so much stress that comes along with preparing your home, decorating really shouldn't be one of them.  It should be your chance to have a little fun, get creative, and enjoy yourself.  Hopefully these fun ideas will inspire you and save you some money at the same time!  Share with us some of your favorite decorating ideas, especially if they're quick and our favorite, free!!