Sunbrella in the Summertime

Posted by Melissa Mott on May 30, 2015 1:00:00 PM

As many people already know, Sunbrella fabric was originally used as the fabric on boats to protect its seats from the harsh waters. What many people don’t know is that Sunbrella is a great fabric that can be placed on a variety of living room pieces, allowing you to have a coastal feel all year round with the added bonus of having superior protection and durability. And let’s not forget style.

It’s the beginning of June around 3pm and the summer heat is just starting to creep up on you. Your wife is at Sunbrella_Bently_Slipcover_Sofawork and left you of all people to be in charge of watching the kids and taking care of everything at the house. You catch your youngest sitting on top of your brand new couch with a cherry popsicle that has just a little drip streaming down the wooden stick, slowly but surely making its way to the end. You watch as that cherry red juice smears all over your kid’s mouth, hands, and (shortly after) your couch.

In the same moment, your teenager walks in the living room soaking wet from head to toe after doing a huge cannonball into the pool. Without even shooting you a glance or grabbing a towel, he plops right onto the couch and is completely absorbed in his cell phone. While many fathers would already be completely enraged with their children for what seems to be trying so hard to ruin their furniture, you can’t help but smile. Your kids aren’t perfect and you can’t always prevent all of the mistakes they make, but at least you can feel happy with just letting your kids be kids.


And at the same time, you can let your furniture just be furniture. A couch doesn’t have to be seen as an incredibly expensive collectable that was too big to fit in a showcase so now you have to have it on your living room floor. You should be able to live on it. Drink on it. Eat popsicles on it. All without worrying about whether or not it’s going to get ruined. Sunbrella allows you to do all of this while also looking good. You should never sacrifice style to feel at ease.


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