The 5 Essentials of Furniture Planning

Posted by Will Schneller on Nov 20, 2014 10:44:00 AM


1) Measure twice, buy once

Proper measuring is a crucial part of the planning process. 

To get the most out of your space, you’ll need to be accurate to the inch.  By keeping your room’s size in mind when selecting furniture, you’ll avoid overcrowding or awkward spacing issues.  


2) Determine your style

Country, Coastal or Contemporary?  By determining your look before browsing, you’ll be able to quickly sort through pieces that don’t fit your home’s overall aesthetic.  Some pieces may look great on their own, but when placed in a room with established style they don’t quite fit.  Focus on your own personal design and you can quickly lock in on those perfect pieces for your home.


3) Decide on quality

How long do you want your purchase to last?  Many of the pieces we carry can last a lifetime, and others are great for a guest room or rental property.  Do you need that dining table to fill some space in your new apartment, or are you looking for a family table that you can use everyday for 20+years? Decide how much use you want to get out of each piece and budget accordingly.  


4) Color is key

What color palette are you working with?  Warm colors, cool colors or neutral tones can drastically affect what furniture you end up choosing.  By keeping your palette in mind and coming prepared with your colors, you can be sure you’ve picked the perfect furniture to compliment your room.


5) Lifestyle

Consider your family’s lifestyle and how it will impact the furniture in your house.  Do you have pets?  Maybe Microfiber is the best choice.  That white leather sofa may look stunning, but it won’t stand up to young children or a teenager that likes to eat in the living room.  Taking these things into consideration will help you get the most furniture life for your money.


Do you need help measuring or matching colors?  Not sure what type of style is best suited to your room?  We can help!  Make an appointment for a FREE in home consultation with one of our designers.  We’ll work with you to create a floorplan and help you make the most of your space.