The Caramel Leather Sofa: Your Homes Little Black Dress.

Posted by Heather Alper on Apr 25, 2019 11:58:38 AM

For some, your style changes as much as the direction of the wind, and you might find yourself in a rut trying to find furniture that's versatile while still being high-quality and easy to maintain. While scouring social media, you might have noticed this one trend slowly taking over in a number of different ways: the Caramel Leather Sofa. They're nothing new, you might have even had one in your childhood home, and they're on the rise yet again! These sofas work will in neutral rooms with different textures and patterns, or offer a bit of subtlety in a colorful setting. Basically, the caramel leather sofa will work for whatever style you're into at the time. 


Take a look at some ways this buttery sofa works in different styles:


 We’ll start with the safari style. The couch built this way reminds me of an antique piece that maybe was passed down to you from your grandma or great aunt. With its wooden frame and tan leather cushions, its elegant and delicate with an exotic twist. This style sofa is perfect for a home office, across from a beautiful wooden desk with delicate sheers draping the windows. A gallery wall above the sofa full of nature shots and greenery, a few kidney pillows on either arm, and a side table dressed with literature says "I'm a professional who's fun and stylish." 



This is definitely my favorite styled tan leather couch. This type of look is the picture you pin, the post you repost, and the picture you double tap on your screen. Throw a vintage carpet down, add a bunch of different colored accent pillows to your couch, and throw a wooden coffee table in. You’ve now achieved the perfect boho chic room. What I love most about this look is you can throw in different pieces around the room and for some reason it just automatically looks like it was meant to be there.





If you prefer a cleaner, more masculine setting, this last tan leather couch is for you. The tufted back and bench seating are perfect in a more grown-up, mid century modern space. Plus, the high-back makes this sofa cozy spot to snuggle up for wine night. This is a look you might find this look in a New York City apartment, but the urban feel will work in any town, for any body.



If you're looking for a new sofa, give some thought to caramel leather. Or, opt for a lighter hue, like taupe or beige. The great thing about all of the different ways you can style the tan leather couch is that it can evolve with your living space over time and work with whatever look you're going for! 


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