The Perks of Knowing Your Pressure Points

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 22, 2015 9:34:00 AM

15% of people who purchase a mattress end up returning it while an additional 15% of people would like to but never actually do. Our Dream Catcher helps to eliminate any doubts you may have about purchasing a new mattress so that you’ll never have to worry about another return policy or re-stocking fee ever again! And we’re giving away free bed pillows just for trying it!

Xensor (the maker of our Dream Catcher) originally began as a pressure mapping system for the disabled to ensure patient safety. This system was used to locate one’s pressure points while sitting in a wheel chair or lying on a hospital mattress so that sores wouldn’t develop since a paralyzed person would never be able to feel them forming. Once these pressure points were located, then padding and other seat adjustments were made to maximize comfort and minimize sores.


A few years later, this same pressure mapping system was used to customize the seats of only luxury cars specifically to make each individual owner have the utmost comfort while driving.

Flash forward a couple more years, and the same luxurious technology that was once only available to patients in need and those who had enough money to be able to afford it is now available at Kensington Furniture. We call it the “Dream Catcher.”

The Dream Catcher locates the pressure points on the average person while they are lying down on a mattress. Once those pressure points are identified, our Design Consultants will tell you which type of mattress is best for you—not which brand that will make them the most money in commission like many other mattress stores do. Based off of the 4-dot system, they will let you know if your body needs a mattress that is ultra plush, plush, medium, or firm, and then you get to decide which brand you want to buy from. Since everyone’s body is unique, not all mattresses will feel the same to each person—that’s why it’s a perk to know your pressure points!

Best of all, taking our Dream Catcher test is completely FREE! We will never charge you a fee for you to find out what’s best for you and your body. And right now, we’re giving away completely free bed pillows just for taking our Dream Catcher test—no strings attached. Seriously. After taking our test, it’s completely up to you whether or not you want to take the results from your test and get the most comfortable mattress so that you will have the best night’s sleep every night. But if you do decide to purchase a mattress that day, we'll buy back your old mattress and give you a 60 night happiness guarantee as a way to say "thank you" and "sleep well."

11026132_865189866851777_5142041295764228260_nSo come in to Kensington and take the free luxurious pressure mapping test with our Dream Catcher to find your perfect mattress and get your completely free pillow! You have nothing to lose but another night’s sleep.

Test the Dream Catcher & Get Your Free Pillow!