The Top Five Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Posted by Carolyn Wood on Oct 13, 2014 4:04:00 PM

Designing can be a lot of fun, but sometimes things can go terribly wrong. Remember that ginormous sectional you bought on sale? Only to get it home and realize the doorway is about 4” too small for it to fit in your family room. Good thing you’re reading this blog post, so that you won’t find yourself guilty of these crimes against design.
1. Measure twice, cut once.
This well known proverb can apply to design too, but with a little tweaking. When choosing a sofa or a sectional, repeat after me….measure twice, buy once! Nothing is worse than buying what you thought was the perfect living room piece, only to realize later it won’t fit up the stairs or through a narrow doorway.
2. Art appreciation.
Whether you love vintage prints, family portraits, or watercolors, hanging them at the right height is essential. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is hanging that picture of Grandma too high. If you really want to appreciate any work of art, it should be at eye level when standing.
3. Hoarder Intervention
We can all be a bit guilty of this…..clutter. A well-edited design is your best bet. (p.s. it’s also easier to keep clean!) A good rule of thumb…more than three, let it be. Whether it’s the nightstand or cocktail table, try to limit yourself to around three accent items. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, plus it allows you to use the piece for what it’s meant for. You may actually want to serve cocktails on that cocktail table one day, so keep all the knick knacks to minimum.
4. Welcome to the 21st Century
Vintage and antique pieces can be great additions to any design, but if your interiors look more like The Brady Bunch instead of Modern Family than it’s probably time for a change. Just updating a few pieces can breathe fresh air into a stale design. Don’t throw out the entire dining set. Keep the table and switch out the chairs for new upholstered ones. Adding an updated fabric will modernize your dining area and complement any style dining table, especially wood.
5. Take Goldilocks’ Advice
When choosing pieces for your space, make sure they’re the right fit. Just like Goldilocks you’re looking for that piece that is just right! Space and proportion are an integral part of a good design. Never try to fit too many pieces into one space.   A good rule of thumb is to allow at least two feet of space for guests to move freely throughout the space. So if you’re debating on squeezing a king size bed in that not so big bedroom, you may want to think again. If there’s not at least two feet between the wall and the side of the bed, than a queen might be the way to go.
Now that you know the no-no’s of design, get out there and express yourself with pieces you’ll love for years to come. Americans spend about 87% of their time indoors, with 69% of that time within their own homes. Make sure you enjoy every second of it by surrounding yourself with a space that speaks to who you are and what makes you special. Just make sure to avoid these design mistakes, and we’ll all live in design harmony.
Are you guilty of one of these design crimes or have you been rehabilitated and have a design success story?


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