Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Sep 15, 2012 11:30:00 AM
Are you getting restless at night and the thought of buying a new mattress isn't helping?

Mattress buying can be a stressful time and laying on the mattresses in the store can be a vulnerable situation. How can you get comfortable with a sales person standing near by?

Have them help you. They know what they are talking about and can help you make the right decision when buying the perfect mattress for your home.

Questions that they might ask are: how do you sleep- hot or cold? Are you a side sleeper? Stomach or back? Are you sleeping alone or with a partner? All of these questions are important questions since most people just sit on the side of the mattress and press on it for firmness. That is a big no no! LAY DOWN, GET COMFY! Stay there for a while. The sales person expects you to do so any way, why not take advantage of the opportunity.

Finding the right mattress is crucial. You will be sleeping on it for the next 7-10 years! That is a huge commitment, so make the right one.

Posturepedic Gel Series
There are all different types of mattresses on the market now so narrowing it down could be tricky.  What is your budget, does a cheaper mattress mean a cheaper product? No, just because a mattress is pricey, does not always mean it is the best for you. Sealy and Stearns & Foster make great inner coil spring mattresses for affordable prices. They can be soft or firm and anywhere in between.  They breathe well because air circulates through the coils. Sealy has come out with a Posturepedic gel series that is an inner spring mattress with a layer of foam acrossed the top. Within that foam is gel that helps regulate your temperature, which is a huge bonus for many sleepers.

The foam mattresses are a major part of the industry now.What seemed like NASA only material is now in furniture stores coast to coast. Tempur-Pedic makes a great mattress but it is a dense foam that doesn't breathe well. If you are a hot sleeper, it's not the mattress for you. There is an alternative, just because you sleep hot does not mean foam is out of the question. The new Sealy Optimum is a foam mattress that is fused with outlast material to help regulate your temperature through the night. The Optimum mattress is the latest in mattress technology with the ability to pull the heat away from your body, store it, and release it back to your body when your temperature drops.

Sealy Optimum
Are you ready to purchase a mattress? Will it be less awkward now that we covered the basics, I would say so. Having the knowledge before stepping in a store is smart but remember, they are there to help you, so
 'one upping' your sales person is not going to get you the right bed. You might have some facts but they have experience. Listen to them and open up when they question you. The more information they receive, the better they can customize your comfort. Researching is a great starting point, but get in the store, lay down and feel the bed, it is the only way to truly decide.

If the sales person is too intense, let them know. Making a connection is key to reaching your goal. The mattress is important but so is trust. You should be able to trust them that the decision being made is the right one. So who is good or bad? That is your call. Did they ask for your name, did you get theirs? Are they lurking behind you or staying a comfortable distance just in case you have a question? Being able to contact you if you walk out the door, they should have your information.

Kensington's Mattress Store offers a great selection with great Design Consultants to help. Find the mattress you need with a person you can trust.

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