Tired is a waste of time!

Posted by Heather Alper on Mar 25, 2019 4:09:37 PM

It’s easy to see sleep as just rest. If bedtime means downtime, then your bedding doesn’t have much of a job to do. We are proud to announce the launch of the Bedgear store at Kensington Furniture and Mattress. Bedgear mattresses and pillows are personalized and engineered to energize your day because tired is a waste of time! This line includes everything from air flow technology in breathable sheets and blankets to temperature regulating performance mattress protectors. Bedgear believes that your bed becomes a major player in the way you live your life and develops products that are ready to meet that challenge!

Introducing the M3

The M3 takes personalization, performance, and innovation to a whole new level. This is the first and only modular design mattress on the market that offers dual-side personalization with interchangeable spring support.

Starting out with the Air-X® Cover, which circulates fresh air around your body while you sleep at night regulating the temperature, you then personalize the support and comfort of your side of the bed.


Personalize your side!


On top of this comes a four inch comfort layer combined with special foams with a hint of Micro-Curl® to create contouring support, pressure point relief and reduces motion transfer for a deep, uninterrupted and magical sleep.

Lastly, The final layer to your sleep experience is the VER-TEX® cover. This finishing cool touch instantly disperses excess body heat, helping you maintain your ideal sleep temperature. But why stop there?

The powers in the pillow

Complete your rest with a pillow personalized to you. Bedgear pillows are designed to balance your temperature no matter how hot or cold you get. Are you a side sleeper? back sleeper? Or a stomach sleeper? The performance pillows are designed to fit your sleep position and body type to maximize your time in bed. 



All of this combined provides the ULTIMATE sleep comfort.

Come Check out Bedgear now at Kensington Furniture and Mattress!


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