Trick or Treat

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Oct 26, 2013 2:15:00 PM
Tis the season for thrills and chills but not in the furniture buying process! Have you been tricked in the past and got home and hated it? Did the sales person creepily follow you through the store and intimidate you in making a quick purchase and by the time you get it, it isn’t your style at all…..
This time is different. No more tricks, just treats. Treat yourself to endless customization. Remember always wanting to go to the house with the king size candy bars? Now you can come to the store with the biggest selection. With hundreds of fabrics and leathers from Klaussner, Rowe, England, Palliser, Bernhardt, Flex steel and more! You only buy what you love. To be able to get it in a few days is convenient but think about how long you will own this furniture. Just because you can have it fast doesn’t mean you have it the way you want it. Let’s change that. How about four to six weeks and you get exactly what you want. So you wait a month and a half, it seems long right? But think about how long you will keep it, seven years or more? Doesn’t seem that long of a wait anymore. You should have control of what you want, not what you have to settle for. If a store doesn’t have the color you want, do you settle for the one in front of you? I hope not.
Here are a couple of “tricks” for you to keep in mind. 1. Do your homework: Find styles that interest you. See if you can customize them in store. 2. Price shop a little, obviously there are online retailers that will always show “the best price” but read the fine print. If you want it delivered in your house and set up you will most likely spend more. The best way to price shop is within your market. Find local stores and compare with in your driving distance, print out and bring in your findings, a good retailer would not let a customer walk over a few bucks. 3. Try out the furniture if you can. Every sofa, chair, ottoman will have a different feel. Do you like down cushions or super firm? 4. “Treat” yourself to a great experience. Do not settle for a sales person that you do not connect with or trust. Find someone you can talk to as a friend. You are expressing yourself with your furniture, you will want someone who can read your style and help point you in the right direction.

With these 4 easy tips try not to get tricked and simply treat yourself, you deserve it. Furniture shopping should be just as much fun as shopping for new clothes or a new car. Don’t settle for typical, we don’t all wear the same clothes or drive the same car so step out and have a different living room as well. I gave you the tricks, now it’s time to shop for the treats.

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