6 Wall Accents with a WOW Factor

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 7, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Wall Accents

"Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as as best to accomplish a particular purpose." - Charles Eames

It is easy to dress yourself with the most popular fashion styles. It is a little bit more difficult to dress your room with a furniture design that is functional but also stylish. But how do you dress your walls? The latest trend in wall decor is to use larger pieces as the main focus of the room. Wall decor is not limited to framed pictures anymore. Using an odd number of wall accent pieces will create a visual interest! Don’t just hang three pictures and call it a day. Use one larger accent as your centerpiece and build around it!

What can you use to add WOW factor to your walls?

1. Mirrors: Mirrors have become very popular accent pieces nowadays. We are seeing more and more mirrored furniture pieces such as end tables, dressers and even cocktail tables. The best thing about hanging a mirror is that is not only functional, but it gives personality to the room. Check your hair style or fix your tie in your living room by using the mirror!

Wall Accents

2. Hanging accents: Although hanging accents are hung on the ceiling of your room, we figured we would mention them anyways because they can add to your wall WOW factor! Hanging these items in the corner of a room will create a fantastic look. If they light up, they will provide the room with light but will also cast a pretty neat shadow on the wall once it is dark out.

3. Odd shaped items: Nothing creates personality and wow factor more than odd shaped items. If you are going for a beach/shore style, check out this wooden paddle to hang on your wall. If you are looking for wall accents for your man cave or play room, hang an old tennis racket or baseball bat. In a children's room, hang their first pair of shoes or their favorite t-shirt that no longer fits.

4. 3D wall accents: 3D accents are anything item that will hang or stick out from the wall. These pieces not only add personality but also add flair to your room. Make sure to hang these in an appropriate area so that your guests aren't walking into them. The best thing about 3D accents is that you can literally make anything into a 3D accent. For example, take an old shelf and decorate it with family memorabilia.

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5. Clocks: Everyone wants to know what time it is. Use your clock as a large accent piece! Larger clocks are in style and can be used as the centerpiece of your room. Hang a few other small accent pieces around it and create your accent wall collection. You can go for a more traditional vibe or add a modern clock for a different feel to your room.

6. Framed pieces:  The best thing about framed accent pieces is that they are both traditional and exciting. I am sure that you can remember all of the framed pictures that your Grandparents had in their home. Frame some of your own family photos and mix them in with other framed pictures. Frame pictures can be perfect for your elegant dining room or for your relaxed and comfortable family living room.

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What is your favorite wall accent piece? Do you prefer a lot of wall accents or do you like the bare wall look? If you have no idea where to start in your home design, click here to learn more about how you can properly design your home and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece! If you think you need a little extra inspiration or advice, contact a design consultant so that they can help you with your home design!

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