What Does It Take To Be A Successful Design Consultant?

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 13, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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“We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless.” – Massimo Vignelli

Today we sat down with a few of our design consultants to talk about what it took for them to become successful design consultants! Being a design consultant can be a hard job at times but it is very rewarding and fun. Seeing the end result of your project is extremely satisfying, especially when the customer is happy. But what does it take to get there?

You must have a good eye for design. Helping customers create the perfect design for their home is one of the main job responsibilities of a design consultant. Customers look to you for advice and guidance throughout their furniture buying experience. You have to be able to take the size, color and design of the furniture piece and make sure that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Know how to properly utilize the space that you are designing and pay attention to detail! Click here to learn more about interior design.

You must be knowledgeable and pay attention to the products that you are selling. Through in store training and outside reading on your own, educate yourself on the pieces that you are selling. Learn what they are made of and the benefits of each furniture piece. Do not hesitate to reach out to the furniture vendors for help if you have questions. Educate yourself! It will not only impress your customers but it will also make the furniture buying experience go a lot smoother for all parties involved.


Learn how to properly manage your time. As a design consultant, you send a lot of emails. You follow up with the customer, you tell your customers of upcoming events in the store and you make sure that your customers are aware of all upcoming sales. You also confirm orders and make sure that everything is going smoothly on your part. At Kensington Furniture, we have an in home design service that we offer to our customers. As a design consultant, you will be traveling to customers’ homes so you must make sure you schedule your appointments accordingly. Promote your brand and promote your store by using technology! Facebook is a great place to start.

Create your personal brand while also keeping the store brand in mind. Sure, you work for a larger store but the brand that you are creating for yourself is your own and it will reflect the way that you do business. You are the one interacting with customers and they will remember you if you can effectively establish your brand. However, keep in mind that you do work for someone else. Make sure your values and brand complement the store brand!

Be honest. As a design consultant, you will have to adapt to what other people like while still holding on to your own integrity. One of our design consultants, Rita, is completely aware that her taste is not for everyone. However, if a customer chooses something that doesn't go well together, Rita will explain to the customer that it might not be the best combination but if you like it, that is all that matters. It is the customers’ home and as a design consultant, it is super important not to forget that!

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Be determined and don’t give up. As a design consultant, you must be able to hear the word “no,” without letting it affect your performance. Be tenacious and continue to work at being the best design consultant you can be. You must also have patience and understand that not everyone is ready to buy. Purchasing furniture is a lengthy task and the customer will be living with that furniture for a long time. They need to make sure it is perfect for their family. Don’t get discouraged!

Socialize and listen. Building a relationship with your customers is extremely important. Don’t be pushy but try to find out about your customer and their home. For example, learning about their family and pets is important. If they have rambunctious pets in their home, you would want to steer them towards are more durable fabric if they are looking for a sofa. Knowing about your customer will allow you to better help them and understand their needs.

What other advice would you give to future design consultants? Comment below to join the conversation! Are you interested in becoming a design consultant or just simply want advice on your home design? Contact us today to learn more!

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