What is in a Sofa?

Posted by Will Schneller on Oct 23, 2014 2:32:00 PM

What do you look out for when buying a sofa?

 Many people know right away what they’re looking for in fabrics or pillows, but what about the insides?  How can you tell you are getting a quality piece?  Here at Kensington, we can guide you through the options and help you select a long lasting piece that won’t break your budget.





Look for kiln-dried hardwoods as kiln drying can prevent warping and cracking. Some sofas are made with new pine and plywood, and they won't last as long as hardwood. In most cases, the back legs should be part of the frame, as they are integral to its strength. The joinery is all the bits and pieces inside the frame that hold it together. The words you're looking for here are "double dowel" and "corner blocked." Double dowels ensure the frame is perfectly square; corner blocks, triangular pieces of wood affixed to each right angle, prevent the piece from twisting out of shape.




Since all of this architecture is hidden, how do you check it? Your salesperson can give you the details. Good stores will also offer a robust warranty program, like we do here at Kensington.  Many quality sofas, like Rowe or Flexsteel warranty their spring/support systems for the life of the sofa.  Ensuring you buy quality will mean your sofa will last a decade or more.


Flexsteel Sofa w/ 2.0 density foam

Cushions are also an important consideration. Most high quality options are 1.8-density foam core, or foam with a down wrap. Some sofas, like Flexsteel will use a 2.0 density foam to resist pancaking over time.  What you are also looking for is high resiliency foam.  By investing in a sofa with high resiliency foam, your cushions won’t change shape through everyday use.  Cheaper sofas use low resiliency foam that can begin to pancake as early as one year of use.

By taking the time to select a high quality sofa with quality components, your furniture will be just as comfy 10 years from now as the first day you brought it home.  Come see us a Kensington so we can walk you through our selection of high quality, made in America sofas and sectionals!