Where to Find Interior Design Inspiration

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 26, 2014 11:30:00 AM

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

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Many of our customers are interested in interior design. For some of them, interior design is their job. But for others, it is their hobby. They take pleasure and pride in redesigning their home to keep up with the current trends and styles. One question that we get a lot is, “Where can I find inspiration?” Inspiration comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes! If you are stumped and need some inspirational help, check out our suggestions below!

Turn on your television. There are many different television channels that focus on interior design. Check out HGTV and all of their home design shows. Television channels like TLC and even the Travel Channel have excellent interior designers working for them. If you can catch (or DVR) their shows, use it for inspiration!

Do your research online. Browse furniture store websites for inspiration. Check out famous interior design websites. Bookmark the sites that you like most and print out pictures of the pieces that you plan to use.

Attend a home & garden show. Earlier this month, there was a home & garden show happening nearby our store in Atlantic City, NJ. It was an awesome place to go to and get inspiration. Tickets are cheap and many vendors have free gifts and promotional giveaways.

Subscribe to blog sites. Reading blogs in your free time will give you a “second wind” when you are stuck. Blogs that update frequently with creative and awesome content will give you the most inspiration. Look at the pictures, the suggestions and follow the trends of the year to create your own design. Also, you should definitely subscribe to our blog :) !

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Pick up a magazine. Magazines like Home & Garden are full of articles that can provide you with some design inspiration. Their pictures are beautiful and their designs are even more impressive. It is obvious that professional designers are the ones who created the space in the pictures, but that is no reason why you can’t become just as great!

Get ideas from Pinterest. In your leisure time, scroll through Pinterest to find great DYI ideas and other projects you can complete at home. One popular interior design trend is refinishing old furniture pieces. Check Pinterest for ideas on taking old furniture and making it new!

Go to a party. We all have that one friend who is super creative and super talented. She gets all of her ideas from Pinterest and designs to perfection. Her home could be the perfect inspiration that you need! You obviously don’t want to be known as the “design copycat,” so don’t steal all of her designs. Take ideas from her designs and make them your own!

Set up a free in home design consultation. Here at Kensington Furniture, we recognize that our customers love to express themselves when it comes to design. We offer a free in home design consultation to all of our customers. A design consultant will come out to your house whenever is best for you. They will take pictures, measure your room and provide suggestions on ways to furnish your space. For more information about our in home design services, click here.

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When you are stuck and don't know where to look next, how do you find inspiration? Contact us to learn more about interior design and how to maximize the design potential of your space.

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