Why Are the 7 Dwarfs so Emotional Anyway?

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 17, 2015 7:01:00 PM

So we’ve all seen the movie Snow White, and if you’re like me, you can probably still name each of the 7 dwarfs off the top of your head. But what you probably haven’t really thought about is why each of these dwarfs’ have such different personalities and why they are so extreme. Some of them have the completely wrong kind of mattress!



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Starting with the obvious, Sleepy has always had trouble sleeping at night. In fact, his mattress is probably way too plush. If his body needs a little more support from a firm mattress, it’s no wonder he can’t get a good night’s sleep! Tossing and turning on an uncomfortable bed is a sure way to never get any sleep.



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Happy is always in such a good mood because he got lucky with his mattress. He tried a few in the store and just picked the one he liked best. Fortunately, everything worked out in his favor with that one! Everyone else is a little bitter…



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Grumpy probably has an extra-firm mattress since he thought he wouldn’t like to sink into the super softness of a plush mattress. But lying on a bed that feels like a rock all night and never being able to get comfortable on that rock can leave you, well…grumpy.



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Now Sneezy is always in a good mood, so maybe his mattress is super comfy! But his allergies are acting up all the time because it’s so old! After having a certain mattress for a long time, it may feel great now that it’s broken in, but the longer you keep a mattress, the more dust and dirt get trapped inside of it. By the way he’s been sneezing, he’s probably had that thing for 20 years!



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Although he’s always in a good mood, Dopey acts so silly because his brain just isn’t functioning right after not having enough sleep! He doesn’t even realize that this is an issue because although he is getting enough sleep, waking up every few hours throughout the night because of his uncomfortable bed has left him completely delirious. Whether Dopey’s mattress is too plush or too firm, it’s just not the right one for him.



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Bashful is pretty good at putting on a front about how poorly he’s sleeping at night, but he often gets embarrassed about how terrible of a job he did at picking out a mattress and refuses to tell anyone about it. What he doesn’t know is that pretty much everyone else has an awful bed, too!



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Doc, being the only wise one of the group, did a lot of research before he went out to buy his mattress. He ended up taking the Dream Catcher test and was fitted to the perfect mattress for him! In only two minutes he was able to pick out the best mattress that he would get the best night’s sleep on. He also doesn’t really understand how all of the others could have ever picked out a mattress any other way.

Snow White


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Once Snow White moved into the dwarfs’ home, she also brought along her Tempurpedic mattress, which is why she’s so happy and joyful all the time! If she slept on any of the dwarfs’ beds, she would probably be just as grumpy or dopey as the others!


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