3 Measuring Steps for Seamless Delivery

Once you're head over heels a new sofa, bedroom, or dining room table. What do you do next

Bring it home! That is, once you've followed our measuring musts to ensure an easy-peasy delivery. 



Step One: Measure Product Dimensions

Make sure to double-check the size of your new product by noting down these five measurements:

✔️Height: Measure from the lowest point to the highest point.

✔️Width: Check the width from left to right at the widest part.

✔️Cross-length: Measure from the top right corner to the very bottom left corner.

✔️Depth: Measure from the front to the back.

✔️Diagonal Depth: For the side view, measure from the upper back corner to the lower front corner. Remember to measure from the highest to the lowest point at the front.




Step Two: Assessing Room and Space Dimensions

Consider where your new furniture will be placed in your home. Pay attention not only to the room dimensions but also to the specific location within the room

  • Room Height: Begin by measuring from the floor to the ceiling. Then, take additional measurements for items like ceiling fans, chandeliers, track lighting, protruding molding, etc.

  • Room Size: Measure the length and width of the room. 

  • Space Measurements: Account for obstructions that cannot be moved for delivery, such as structural elements, railings, landings, doors, ceiling fixtures, fireplaces, etc.


Step 3: Navigating to the Final Destination

Before delivery, ensure that the new product can smoothly reach its final destination by confirming its compatibility with various entry points and obstacles.

  • Measuring Door or Entry Ways:

    • ✔️Measure the height, width, and diagonal (opposite corners) of front doors, entryways, elevators, or hallways.
    • ✔️Always measure from the front and then from underneath. Include additional obstructions like molding, hinges, hooks, door locks, etc., in your measurements.
  • Stairways & Corners:

    • ✔️Measure the width of the stairway.
    • ✔️Measure side-to-side and corner-to-corner for stairways, considering landing measurements.
    • ✔️The final stairway measurement is the height from the top to the bottom.
    • ✔️Ensure your product can fit on and around any landing, and remember to include all railings in your measurements.

Told you it'd be easy! But, if you're still questioning your tape measure skills our design consultants are always here to guide you through the process, and will even make a complimentary house-call, so we can get your dimensions 100% right and avoid any costly mistakes. Give us a call to schedule yours! 

Have a design question? Give us a call at (609) 241-0807 with all your cushion questions, pattern problems, and dimension dilemmas! No questions will be left unanswered and no design will be left unfinished! 

Until next time, 

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